Monday, 10 March 2014

Hair Box | Hair Series


Well I said that I would do a hair series due to recently having my hair cut. ( It's been a year) Anyway, I have a big-ish tin with all my hair care products in. There's not much in there at the moment because I've only recently got the idea to put things in it.

The tin is from Umberto Giannini with a girl with amazing hair in my opinion. I got the tin as a Christmas present , it had had some of the products in it along with some makeup and nail sets.

Well, the first thing well things  are the Love heart rollers. I have not used them yet properly but I love them. I do have normal rollers but I have lost them whilst changing my room and sorting everything out.

The next few things which are sort of the same but in different ways is Oil. Oil for the hair is very good, there's different kinds coconut , argan etc , but if you use it before heat then it can damage your hair. So I tend to use it after to thicken my hair and make it glossy.

So there's the spray oil which is light and makes my hair feel so soft.

The next is an actual oil. I find that using this when I'm not going to dry my hair is best so that when it naturally dries its nice and soft curls. ( My natural hair)

Due to having a new parted fringe , I need volume so I have got this VO5 give me texture I find it makes my hair feel funny but when I leave it an comb it in , it works well creating the right about of volume. Its a powder substance which makes it easier to put in my roots.

The next item is the Rough Stuff Texture Paste , I have yet to use it but I cant wait.

Next is the  Scrunch Up the Volume Cream which I have used to create a messy ponytail. It worked well and created a great messy ponytail which I wore to an interview.

When my hair needs a bit of a wave , I use this beach matt. It smells amazing and works well in creating curls and waves in my hair.

The last item is probably my favourite and that is the Backcombing hairspray. This is the best and helps any back combed look. I would recommend this to anyone looking for that perfect hairspray. I'm afraid that i don't know the price but I know that they do it in boots. This can in the tin.

I do have more hairspray but its on my desk so its easy to grab whenever i need it.

Hope that this was okay .... its a bit different to the usual.

Gee x

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