Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites


Well its that time again. This month has been a mad one for me and due to my birthday being in this month I have gotten lots of different items which I love.

Well I will start with make up. This is not really a favourite product but technique or trend . For the latest spring/summer make up look this year is light browns and gold's on the eye lids. I have been testing this trend and I have to say that I love this. TIP; if you have not got any gold or browns use your bronzer.

Before I remembered that I have a brown eye shadow palette and different single shadows, I used my Collection Little Mix bronzer which has lots of different shades in. (Ps my new favourite bronzer :) )

In the picture , I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold as a base and used the bronzer over the top.

This leads me to my next favourite which is the colour tattoo. | love it as a base under a colour and on its own. The texture is very creamy and light. I find that it does not crease either, also , its easy to blend.

I don't think I have had a hair favourite before so mine is the soft thistle brush. When I'm being lazy (pretty much 24/7) or I don't want to use heat , I find that some heat protectors make my hair feel funny, I let my hair go naturally curly.

If it goes wrong and the curls look horrible , I use the brush to create soft waves. I love this method as they stay in with out hairspray.

Being in the UK and having horrible weather all the time, I have seen the sun recently so I have been buying and trying new summer and spring clothing. (Hopefully Haul coming soon...)

I have said about this before but my pink coat. Its lightweight so perfect for them windy spring summer days.

Me and clothes with collars..... its becomes unhealthy. I have a few pieces with have peter pan collars but if they don't I have this to help.......

Its a collar necklace :D I wear in with plain tops and jumpers to have it look like a have collared top on.

Well I am loving 5 Second of Summer's She Looks So Perfect. The video has recently come out and is interesting.... But I love their music. They were One Direction Starting Act and were amazing then.

Also, I have been loving Peanut Butter flavoured food. Weird favourite but oh well.

Well that's it :) like I said I will try and do a haul as soon as possible and I'm finally getting a hair cut after about a year so I will try and do a hair series or something :)

Gee x

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