Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring / Summer make up ideas


Well recently I have been buying a lot of spring and summer make up because I have a lot of warm tones and I need bright and cool colours. Pink and pastels are very much in this s/s and I try and wear less foundation during summer. I must admit that at the start of summer I do use a fake tan to start my summer look off, especially with British summer not always being the best.

 Right now is March and I have been looking at the deals and specials in drug stores and online.

I am a massive benefit make up fan ! For ages I used to walk to past their counter or watch lots of tutorials online and think I love that .... Oh and that! But I have never thought to  buy it! Which is stupid.

I recently brought a 'How to look the best at everything' kit which some different travel size makeup. It was only £20.00 and on special. I got it online from a place called QVC which is a shopping channel but does have an online store.  But I plan on using it during the summer !

It has very natural makeup in and has the new Porefessional. I am yet to try any of these products probably but I will do a review soon. It also came with the There real mascara:)

When I ordered this , I also ordered  gimme brow. I plan to wear this insted of my brow shadow or my mac. I got Light medium because my hair goes lighter in summer than winter.

The next product I did not buy and it was apart of a set I got for my birthday. It is this blue eye liner. I plan on wearing a black pencil liner along the top of my eye (thin) and then putting the blue above. The colour is quite bright which is perfect for summer.

( the second one in from the left)

I spoke about this in my February favourite and it's the colour tattoo. I love how you can wear it on its own, this perfect for summer as the colour is quite bright but natural at the same time. I think it would go well with the blue and black eyeliners. Also I find that a little goes a long way.

For lips, I find that unless there's a reason ( like a special occasion) that lipstick is not always needed. I find that lipgloss or butter works well. Which is because I brought a Baby lips, I never thought much of them until now. I have the Cherry Me and I love it. Recently I have been wearing it for school insted of my clear one, I think it's perfect for summer and I plan on going to get the Pale Pink version too.

For the summer days which I don't wear foundation , I usually wear a bit of blush still to get a little rose cheek. Last summer I wore this , Beauty UK as you can see it's very bright but when it's on the cheek it's not that powerful. I don't use the brush that comes with it because when I first used it , it left a line of blush so I use a bronzed brush in order to blend it on the skin without the line.

Well I think that's most of my spring/ summer make up ideas but knowing me it will change! But I will keep you updated :)

I need more Summer products so let me know:)

Gee x

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