Tuesday, 22 April 2014

MAC Creme Cup Review


I have been looking through different Mac Videos online and on their website. I found this lipstick which is apart of the Sheer Collection  called Crème Cup.

I wanted a new lipstick which was different from my others. I'm not going to lie , I did click the wrong one but It was this one or another so it did not matter to me much.

Its a shiny glossy nude/pink colour.

 When it first arrived, I had a really bad day at School and when I saw the Package I screamed. It make me completely happy that it had arrived. Sad , I know.

As my first MAC lipstick, I had high hopes for it. I love the packaging and it goes perfect in my lip stick holder.

I thought personally that it would have been bigger but oh well. I tried the colour on and I feel in love with it.

It lasted a 30-40 Minute bike ride which I was very impressed with.

I'm hoping to do a full MAC Make-up Look soon because I have been getting different pieces from their ranges.

The smell of the lipstick reminds me so much of Cadburys Crème Egg and it sounds weird but it also tastes like it too which I believe is a bonus :D

I understand that this was quite short but I thought hat it was needed to be honest.

I need more shades so let me know which ones are in your collection.

Gee x

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