Monday, 28 April 2014

My Tiny DIY | Pot Organiser


well, I have been wanting to sort out my room for a while now so I got a sweet pot given to me so I thought I would show you what I did with it....

By the way... this is SO SIMPLE

What you will need;

A tube or pot ( preferably clear)


Paint ( Mines Pink Acrylic )

Decoration of your choice



First, I had to get rid of the sticker which was on the pot. ( I used water and scissors worked a trick :D )
Then I had to dry it.


I used newspaper over my floor and put the paint on that.

I then painted the tub , making sure that the paint was in the same direction so it would not look weird when dry.

Here's my first coat and I did to do MANY more!


Here's my fourth....

Finally, I got this which was thickly painted. I didn't pain the bottom but around the edge of it.

To make it more me and match my room more, I added this shiny ribbon which I would usually put around presents.

I used my to put hair brushes in but Nail varnishes or makeup brushes would by good too.

I hope to do more little DIY posts because like I said I'm in the middle of organising my room.

Gee x

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