Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Summer Make Up Look #1 (... And Film Review)


Well Saturday I was going out to see the brand new film Divergent and it was quite sunny for rainy old Britain so I won't that I would do a Summery makeup look for a change.

I have been loving the orange lip but I have never really worn it myself. So I thought I would try it for the cinema.

I used a new moisturiser , 24/7 Dry Skin Cream. I have been getting really dry skin at the moment and this is amazing for my face and body...... Review coming soon!

So as a base , I used a real techniques Buffing brush and my new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in No 53 Light Beige. I think this shade is a shade to dark for me but I just took it down my neck to blend.

I buffed this into my skin in circular motions working around my face.

Using the same brush , I used Rimmel London Wake Me UP Concealer around my eyes, nose and any blemishes.

Eyebrows, I used this tectonic powder and I used both brown shades mixed together; used a body shop angled brush. I set them with the benefit Gimme Brow in Light Medium.

I wanted a simple eye due to the powerful lip so I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink-Gold all over the eye.

I have been loving 17 Wild Curls Mascara and I was perfect for this look. It gives great volume and length too.

I powdered with the normal stay matte powder. I did not use any blush or bronzer because I thought it would have been to much.

Then to the lips , 17 Lip Crayon. I love this colour and its so easy to apply. It's a mix between a lip stick and a gloss.

SO that's the finish makeup look. ( PS the fringe is not always like that I have pushed it all back)

FILM REVIEW- Divergent

I loved the film. I was a bit worried it was going to be the same as Hunger games. It was a bit  but different at the same time. The story line was good. Its set in the future and after a world war. Chicago was were the story was based in this film. There's a wall surrounding Chicago stopping the outside world in and to keep the peace. The people are divided into groups of their personality. It is decided by people taking a test, however, people who don't fit in are known as going against the system and are called Divergents. The film is about a young girl who is finding out who she is and making friends and enemies along the way.

That's not the best description but its such a good film. The main girl and her brother are actually the actor and actress who are playing Hazel and Gus in Fault In Our Stars which I'm REALLY looking forward too.

I give it a Gee Rating of ... **** ( I have no idea what a Gee Rating is but whatever)

So That's that really , hope you liked the make up look and I hope you enjoy the film if you go and see it because I Loved it.

Gee x

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