Monday, 5 May 2014

April favourites

Cooee, so it's that time again.

I only have a couple of favourites because I have been busy with school and other bits and pieces to really go shopping or try new products really.

So my first favourite is to do with hair care . It's Moroccan Argan Oil treatment, I washed my hair the day before and it felt all dry so I put this through it after I straightened it. Wow!! My hair has been silky soft since and it's so glossy. It smells amazing too. I got it from savers which is a store with lots of products that are cheaper than the bigger stores. It was only £1!£1! I would pay more for it but I'm not complaining!

With Easter , I did not get chocolate , I got money because it's more useful really. But my best friend got me a malteasers egg and inside was these teasers. I have never tried them before ... And I am annoyed at myself for not buying these! They are so good! For this's who don't know , they are malteasers crushed and then put in a chocolate bar. So good and I only have two left so I need to buy more:)

The YouTuber Tanya Burr brought out a lips and nails range which has lots of different colours that would suit anybody. I have the lip gloss in Afternoon Tea. I'm actually wearing it now as I'm typing this and I love it. It's a pink nude , it's not sticky and does not move off your lips once applied.

Next is this real techniques blush brush. It's so soft and it's perfect for applying your blusher to your cheeks. It blends the blush into your checks.

So in the picture below are my next two favourites. First is the drink which is a sticky toffee frappe from my local coffee shop. I don't know if they do them at Costa or Starbucks because I have not looked. It's so good - I understand that because it's from my local coffee shop that it may not be available but if you happen to come across one try it and you will never look back. I have whipped cream and white chocolate sauce on top , I'm not a massive lover of coffee but I love these.

Next are my sunglasses, we went to London a couple of weeks ago and the weather was the best we have had all year. They are aviator style and there were from Primark about two years ago. When in Britain you don't need to buy new sunglasses because you never use them a lot. They were a two pound I think , mine are breaking so I'm going to have to find a new pair.

( nail varnish - max factor forever glam)

Another favourite which is music and that's the Vamps album Meet the Vamps! I love the vamps and me and my best friend have tickets to see them. I love how every song is different and they are so catchy too. Move My way is currently my favourite song off the album !

So that's all my favourites not a lot.

Gee x

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