Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites


Well this month went so fast , it feels like yesterday that I was writing my July favourites. This month I have not done that much shopping wise , just a few short trips here and there. I have been doing work experience for the summer so I have been busy doing that. Due to that I don't have as many favourites as I have had  nothing new to try but I have a feeling with a new school coming up and being able to FINALLY wear my own clothes that I will have more next favourites. I have a collective haul coming up soon from the shopping trips.

So first I think that I will talk fashion as it usually start with beauty. So this months weather has been interesting. We had a couple weeks of really nice weather which if you look at my Instagram ( on the slide bar) you would see from my days at the beach and parks out with my friends. But apart from the sun , we have had a some rainy and cold days. 

The item of clothing that I have been loving has been my Levi grey cardigan. The shape is very boxy as it's very loose and square on the body and tight fitting on the arms. But even though it has box shaping , the strap of material around the neck and sides is waterfall. I love this and have been wearing it with jeans and leggings along with a plain top. I have a feeling that in the colder months it will be used even more. 

Shoes next. I love them and I feel that I abandon some so I thought I would change my shoes around. Even though they are Primark , these light brown brogues have lasted me ages. They are so comfortable to wear with a pair of pop socks ( so the are not seen) or cute pastel coloured socks. They go with pretty much every outfit and make it look smart casual. 

It seems that I only have one beauty favourite , it's the max factor False Lash Effect Mascara ( Review Coming soon) . This mascara is not one of my usual mascaras but I have been loving it to add to my eye make up. It not only makes them more volumised but also look natural. I understand that it's meant to look like false lash which it does but in a natural looking way. 

Random favourites, I don't know if you have read my blog before but I went to see Divergent in the Cinema and I wrote a small review of it. I really enjoyed it and I read all 3 books in a week! It recently came out of DVD in the UK and my dad got me it to watch as he knows I'm obsessed. I watched it the night I got it along with the night after.


I got Pinterest ages ago and I could not get into it but when I was struck for ideas of College outfits that's where I went. I spent ages on it and got so much inspiration from it that when I went shopping with friends I kept checking my finds. Would recommend to anyone who is bored and wants inspiration; Fashion, Art, Makeup or Gifts.

That's some of my favourites of the month. I hope you have enjoyed your summer as I feel that it is over now :( 

Let me know some of your favourites:) 

Gee x

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