Saturday, 20 December 2014

DIY Personalised Christmas Decorations | Gee's Grotto


So Gee's Grotto is all about Christmas , this includes mainly present ideas and decorations ideas.

So I love little DIY's and I got the idea while searching for presents for my friends. However, I didn't find anything that I thought was worth buying.

I decided to make them personalised tree decorations that they will keep forever.


Scrabble Letters ( EBAY LINK) Tip - Check the amount of letters that you will need before buying.

Glue Gun or Strong glue

Ribbon or String


1) Arrange your letters so that you don't waste time.

2)Start gluing the letters together. If you are using a hot glue gun please be careful! Also you may need to hold the pieces together while it dries a bit

3) Do this for all of your names

4) Measure your ribbon beforehand so that it forms a loop

5) Using the glue make close that it ribbon is looped

6) Using the glue again, fasten the ribbon into place. I pushed the ribbon into the middle square of each name.

So here's the finished product;

I hope that you liked this little DIY, Let me know if you make them and if they worked for you.

Gee x

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  1. Such cute ideas, will definitely be using these for my friends this year! Thank you! :)


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