Friday, 19 December 2014

Ideas For Dads | Gee's Grotto


So Gee's Grotto is all about Christmas , this includes mainly present ideas and decorations ideas.

So I'm always struggling for ideas for presents for my dad. But this year , I actually had a few this year which surprised me. Here are some;

1) Box of Treats

My idea is to do a box full of my dads favourite things. These would include his favourite sweets , films and Cd's. That way you know that your dad will like it. I plan on putting useful things such as socks ( My Dads classic want) , also, some fun items that will humour him.

Also it can be as expensive as you want. (LINK)

2) Band Tickets

When my dad was younger he always went to see bands. I know that some of his favourite bands are touring so I have found tickets which I can get him. You could look at this like a daddy and daughter/son day. Treat your dad this Christmas.

3) Wallets

Every dad needs one. Perfect as a last minute gift as watches. (LINK)

4) This is not a gift but a helping tip.

Listen and remember everything he says. For example, I knew about my dads favourite bands because we had a conversation about one of their songs randomly.

I hope that this gave you some ideas. I will link some websites which helped me;

Gee x

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