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The Hot Chocolate Kit | Gees Grotto


So as part of Gee's Grotto, I decided to write about another gift idea which can also be a decoration after used. ( Explained after)

Look back for previous Gees Grotto Posts as I have been doing them all weekend

I got inspiration for this on Pinterest but I have changed it so it suits my friends. I made 6 in total , 5 large pots and 1 little pot ( secret santa idea). 

I made hot chocolate kits with a little something , a homemade hot chocolate stirrer. Once the hot chocolate has been made , you stir in the chocolate stick to create a extra chocolate taste or it can just be eaten on its own.


Jars ( I used Coffee and Nutella)
Hot Chocolate Mix (Powder)
Biscuits TIP; Make sure they will fit in the jars.

I used washy tape , ribbon and bows

WHAT YOU WILL NEED- Chocolate Stirrer; MAKES 15

Chocolate mould case (Poundland have loads)
Chocolate bars ( 300g)
Decoration; Sprinkles
Sticks or Straws
A Small amount of the hot chocolate powder *Optional*


Made sure that the jars are washed and I would decorate them first as if you do it after the layers would be ruined.

Measure equally the hot chocolate powder into the jars. TIP; Make a cone shape item (could be Paper).
Add the Marshmallows.

Add the biscuits; TIP- Place them around the outside so you can see them.

Add the chocolates; I choose reindeer to make it christmassy.

You can leave them there or..

Add The Chocolate Stirrer;


Wash the mould to make sure it is completely dried.

I used a water bath to melt the chocolate which I found was best but could use a microwave.

Add the decoration first to the mould

Spoon the melted chocolate into the moulds; the neater the better.

Add the sticks/ straws
(IF USING STRAWS) Cut the straws to how long you want the sticks; TIP- Remember they have to be long enough to use in a mug/ cup.

Sprinkle the how chocolate powder over the top for decoration

Place in Fridge/Freezer and leave to set.

Then add them to the hot chocolate kits.


They can clean the kit out and because you have decorated it , they can add a candle. Then they have a christmas tea light. *BEWARE OF THE ADD DECORATIONS*

So Thats my kits all ready for christmas.

Let me know if you make them and how they go

Gee x

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