Monday, 1 December 2014

November Favourites


It feels like I haven't done one of these in a while. So I will start with my makeup favourites , I have been trying to change my everyday makeup recently and I think that I have found my perfect routine. I have chosen a couple of m favourite products from this.

So the first favourite is BB Cream Rimmel. In my products wars post (HERE), I said that it was quite dark for my skin. But since I have a tan from my holiday , I have been using it as it suits my skin colour more. My skin has got some angry blemishes recently from the stress of A-Levels and this product helps them. I would recommend this product if you hate the feel of foundation as it has more of a lighter coverage.

My brush favourite has to be Real Techniques Powder Brush. I love how it packs just the right amount of powder on my face without looking cake-y. I used to use an AVON brush for powder and I love it but now it's left in my brush holder.

Avon Eyebrow Pencil, I usually use powder but since I have become more lazy with my brows, I have been drawing them on with a pencil. This was my first pencil that I used when I started dealing with the brows and I forgot how much I loved it.


So I only have two favourites for fashion for this month. My first is a crop top from Miss Selfridge. It's got a daisy floral pattern and has a collar. I wore this to school the other day and I got people asking where I got it from. I was worried that it was too loud for me but obviously not.( Sadly I cant find a link)


Next I have been leaving in black jeans and I never thought that I would be a person to wear black jeans. I love how they go with everything and my most worn pair have to be from New look. They are a jeggings but demin material.


Taylor Swift- Blank Spaces- (LINK)
 I love Taylor. I still haven't got her albums yet but I have heard amazing things. I'm hoping that I get it for Christmas! 

One Direction- Four (LINK)
This album! I love the boys but sadly I only like the second half. I feel like a horrible fan but some of the songs annoy me. God I feel horrible for saying that. My favourites have to be Clouds , spaces and act my age. 

Let me know your favourites of this month. 

Gee x

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