Saturday, 26 September 2015

100th POST


So thats the hundredth time , I have written Cooee , how mad!

I thought that I would do a small post celebrating that fact that this is my 100th post.

I never thought that my blog would last this long and I have had good responses from you , the readers as well as from social media. I even wrote for one of my A levels about blogging ad my passion for it.

One of my favourite posts has to be the ...
A week in Pictures *LINK*
Tartan Style *LINK*

I will always recommend blogging to anyone who wishes to write out their thoughts , whether it be about makeup, a sport or reviews. Its a great way to spend time for yourself and a better way to meet people.

One of the things , I look forward to every week is knowing that people are willing to read about  my tutorials or reviews on fashion , makeup or lifestyle and this is what has driven me for the past year or so.

I understand this isn't my usually post but I wanted to remember this post for the future.

Gee x 

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