Sunday, 28 September 2014

False Lash Mascara | Product Wars


So I thought about doing a review on the Max factor false Lash effect mascara but when I tried it I thought it was like Benefit They're Real Mascara. I know I have done a review on it before but I wanted to compare it with a really good high street version. So let's start product wars...

My benefit Mascra is the sample size as it came as an extra with a makeup box I brought from Benefit. I love this mascara and the wow factor it gives to your eyes. It gives everything you need and want from a Mascara. The price is a bit on the expensive side but I would say along with many others that it's worth it completely.


Wand- The brush has two parts, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. The top lash part has lots of individual plastic brushes this makes sure that all lashes are coated. The bottom part is at the end of the wand which making applying the Mascra to the bottom lashes simpler.


Staying power- The staying power for the product is amazing and it does not move at all. If you didn't have time to change your makeup from day to night then this product would make you look like you to more effort into your eye make up even though you had no time. 

Removing- this product is known for not removing easily which is why Benefit brought out a remover. I have the remover but as a sample size and I wanted to save that for the liner. So I have found a remover which works, it's oil based. I think that with any oil based makeup remover would work.

Finish- the finish of this mascara is full lash and by that I mean did extends your lashes and makes them look fuller.

Overall- ****

 LEFT- Max Factor                                                   RIGHT- Benefit 

In comparison , Max Factor's Fasle lash effect has the same qualities. It's not only cheap but works just as well. I have the colour black/brown as mine came with a collection of products. I would say that it does the same as the benefit mascara , adding thickness and volume. As it says on the label, it gives a natural looking finish.


Wand- the wand is plastic and very thick compared to the Benefit one. It does not have a part for the bottom lashes and the part which coats your lashes are very short but makes your lashes look amazing. 

Staying power- The mascara is the waterproof version so the staying power is truly amazing. 

Removing - I think that the mascara is harder to remove than the benefit but that's my personal opinion. I use the same products and oil based remover but I feel that it needs more elbow grease to remove it.

Finish- The finish makes your lashes look thicker as well as adding volume to them. It gives a natural finish to your lashes

Overall- **** 

I can't decide which one I prefer and that's why I give them the same overall stars as they both have positives and negatives. Let me know which one you like. 

Gee x

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