Monday, 15 September 2014

Lunch with the Girls | Get Ready With Me


When what was meant to a rather large group of people turned out to be four people. We ,being my group of friends, were meant to go bowling and out for a late lunch to catch up as we all go to different schools. 

So I thought that I would go a get ready with me since I haven't done one in a while. My friends were going casual but I find that their casual is rather dressy and they always look lovely. So decided to make abit more effort with my outfit and makeup. Also I was going out later on in the day to go out  to see MockingJay part 1 which was really good. It was tense and had me at the edge of my sit a couple of times.


MAC studio fix NC15
MAC studio fix powder NW20(?) 
Avon eyebrow pencil 
Technic Shimmer Eye shadow
17 Wild Mascara 
Topshop deep red lip liner ( no name) 
Collection Little Mix Perrie Lipstick ( Purple) 
Benefit Holla Bronzer
Avon Makeup Setting spray


Cut out boots ( unknown shop) 
Thick black Tights

Here are some pictures from the day - we didn't go bowling and just went for food. It was lovely to go out plus the food was really nice. In the pictures are Zoe, Georgia ( Recently done a blog post HERE) and Rachael.


Hope you liked this little GRWM. 

Gee x

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