Monday, 8 September 2014

Collective Haul


Like I said in my august favourites that I would do a collective haul from the shopping trips that I have done, here it is. I did not buy all this at once which is why it is collective. I went shopping for nothing in particular on one of the trips which is why I got stationary. But I went out with my friends to go clothes shopping for school.

So I shall start with stationary. I got this from both whsmith and wilko and I will admit it's mostly pens. So I got a pack of black Bic pens as they were on special and I prefer writing in black. I also got a week planner so that I can work out and cope with the amount of coursework that i know I'm going to get. 

 From WHSmith , I got another pack of packs which are also Bic but they have a range of colour ( to help with revision) and two pens which have a end with can be used on a smart phone ( I don't know how to explain it so hopefully the picture with help). Also from there I got two rounded folders from coursework.


From New look ( two trips), I got a a-line skirt which has a checkered cream and red pattern. I need to alter it to make it fit my waist but it was a good find in the sale. Also I got a collared monochrome top , I love collared tops and shirts and when I saw this I could not stop myself buying it. I got it in a size bigger than normal has I wanted the length to tuck into any jeans or skirts. Top; £9 Skirt;£7 down from £18

Also from new look, I got a pair of black jeggings. I was not sure about these but my friends said they looked fine and I had a voucher so I brought them. They are simple but I don't have a pair of black jeans and I can match them with anything. They were £15.
From H&M , I got a long kimono. It's not as long as the full body ones but it feel that it's long enough as I think it would annoy me if it was any longer. I saw this on the model and i thought that I might as well try it on - I feel in love with it straight away. It was only £15! 

From Dorothy Perkins, i got a mid-skirt. They had a sale and we decided that we would go and have a look. I noticed this between a pair of jeans and a jumper and I'm glad I did. Me and my friend went to try on some items and I wasn't sure about the skirt. But I thought that if I changed my mind I would always take it back. It was £12 down from £22. 

From Primark, this Primark is new to the area and has three floors! I got three tops in the end which I thought was quite disappointing. But I got a boyfriend plain top (£4) and a plain white shirt(£9). I got these as they go with any thing. Can you see a theme with my recent purchases? 

Also I got a grey and pink pleated top (£8). I saw this in the model with a pink coat and I have the same coat but from Topshop so I thought I could easily match that with the top. I love how it's different as well and I have never seen one with pleats underneath the top.


Next I got a dress from the peacocks sale, I never really go on there for clothes as whenever I do I find nothing that I like. But while my mum went to get her eye tested , we decided we would go look around the shops and that's where Peacocks comes in. I got this dres which was only £9 in the sale. It's skater dress style and is a little longer which is perfect since I always complain that mine are too short for my long legs. It's pink and has a lace Peter Pan collar.


I also went into George Asda which I was recommend by my friends for jeans. While me and mum were looking round , we saw a dress which is a school girl look about it. I love the double collar and the colours. It was £16 and I will probably wear it with thin tights and cut out boots.


Also I got a pair of black skinny jeans for Asda and they have detail on the button as well as on the back pockets. They are a nice fit and comfortable too. 

Looking back it looks like I've got a lot but when it's in front if you and you take in to consideration that I need to while new wardrobe for Sixth form , I have not got a lot. 

Let me know of any items that you think Im missing. I am hopefully going to go proper school school very soon so I am help with what you get :) 

Gee x


  1. Great Post, I love Primark. It has so much to offer.
    Kate x

    1. Thank you :) yeah it's so easy to over spend in there

      Gee x

  2. Hi Gee, I hope I got your name right. That a really nice haul, I found myself I like the skirt, the dress and the kimono. Have a nice evening. xx

  3. Thank you :) Yes you have , it's a nickname :) I've been wearing them non stop to school

    Gee x


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