Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Getting Ready | Eye Makeup


I find that most people make more of an effort than normal on Christmas , well I do. I thought that most people like to have nice make up to go with their outfit. I believe that I have provided an eye makeup look which can go with any outfit.

Overall, this look is a silver eye with a small amount of smokey-ness in the outer corner.


While I was deciding which eye look to do , I found an eye palette with no name or brand so that was a lot of help. But I believe its quite an easy colour to find a match for.

I used this Grey/ silver colour as the base for my look. I used a simple Body Shop eye shadow brush to complete this look. ( THE FIRST COLOUR IN PALETTE - FURTHEST AWAY FROM BRUSH)

Then I used my French connection eye palette , this colour have a shimmer to it. I used this colour to create a smokey look. I placed this on the dip in my eye. I created a small V shaped and because I'm waiting for new eye brushes , used a cotton bud to blend. This method works just as well.

Then from the same palette , I used the cream/ white to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. This brightens the eye up.

That was simple , however , to make a more dramatic statement I used my Umberto Giannini Panited Lady Feliner to create a small flick along the top of my lashes. This was a small line as I wanted to make my lashes look thicker than normal.


Next adding my Maybelline New York Volume Express mascara , I make my lashes longer and thicker. I , also, added this on my bottom lashes too.

Whilst completing this eye look , I thought of how simple this was. I love this look as it makes your eyes look massive. People will think that you have spent ages on your makeup.

Let me know If you like the look :) Also, what your makeup looks are for Christmas:)


Gee x


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