Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Look Book


I thought that since I usually post on Mondays , that I would do a post early due to Christmas eve eve ( yes that's an actually thing ) being on a Monday. I wanted to do a look book for Christmas and I thought that posting Christmas Eve would not be the best as I wanted to do a Christmas Getting Ready Eye Makeup. Hope that was not too confusing.

Now finding a Christmas outfit whether it be a party or family get together, finding that one perfect outfit is a challenge. I'm personally having a Family get together which will be great and I'm looking forward to it.

I want an outfit which is comfy but looks like I'm making an effort. One of the following outfits is going to be what I want to wear on Boxing day, I'm also spending that day with my family as we have like three days with my family.

Some of the following , I can't remember the price nor where I might have got it from but please ask if I don't give the information you need :)


The first outfit is for the classic Christmas party. There's quite a bit of tummy on show but I would match it will a black blazer, I do have one but I forget to go and get it. I matched a simply crop top with bold patterned trousers. The shoes have small detail , a gold buckle, but they are simple. I would wear bold gold coloured jewellery ,maybe a chucky necklace.

Next, is more of a dinner outfit, I matched skinny legged trousers with a gold top. This simple outfit requires no effort but looks like you have. The top is sequined only on the front and the back is plain. Its super comfortable and ideal for the Christmas dinner. Its perfect will flats and the main attraction is the bold top so no jewellery is really needed.

Daytime Christmas outfit , for me , would be this simple blue skater dress. The sleeves have a leather feel to them and comes with a black belt. I would wear this very simple shoes and maybe add some black tights.

The humble Christmas jumper, This is not actually mine because I don't own one. Well I do but its not Christmassy , I just wear it around that time. This is my mums and it has a reindeer on it ( as shown) she usually matches it will jeans and a scarf.


Now I have decided to wear my new skirt with thick black tights and a jumper. The scarf is from Boohoo and it arrived that day so I thought I would throw it in there. I have asked for another jumper this Christmas as the one in the photo is massive on me.

I plan on wearing this boxing day but I don't know what I'm getting for Christmas yet as I know that my parents have been in Jack Wills recently so I'm hoping that they have got me something from there:)

Well that's some of the outfits that I feel work for the Christmas period and I hope that you have gotten some ideas of Christmas outfits:)

Let me know what your outfit ideas are:)

Gee x


  1. What a great post!! I love your humble Christmas jumper :) So Cute! I would love to follow your blog but you don't have a follow button :( Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    Stay Beautiful,

    Bailey ♡


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment :) I'm sorry about the follow button , I'm new to this.. but hopefully I have added one :) Have a lovely Christmas yourselves :D

      Gee x


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