Monday, 9 December 2013

Getting Ready | Night with the Girls #1


I thought that since I'm going out with the girls from school , that I would do a getting ready. We are not old enough to go drinking yet but our school is known as a drama school to most and its currently holding a production called 'Back to the 80's'. Some of our friends are in the show and we are going to support them , also, some more exciting news , I actually helped with the costumes so I thought I best go and see them.

Getting ready takes me ages and I have to plan everything right down to the length of curl that I want in my hair. Yeah , I'm strange like that. Knowing my friends, they like to glam up and look amazing. I need to make an effort too.

I plan on creating a dark pink/purple lip with simple eyes. If you have not guessed I'm currently writing this before the day I'm going out so I can see personally how its going to look. Also, I plan on having loose curls down my back , hopefully. I kind of plan of using a dark rose colour lip pencil with a lighter colour on top as I have tried this before and I really liked it.

Figuring out what to wear, this is hard because as you have seen previously that I have brought a lot of clothes the last couple of weeks. But I have settled on the black A line/ Skater dress with thick black tights. This outfit is mainly due to the weather in cold Britain. I still need to decided what shoes to wear , I have two pairs of black pumps which I have to decided between but that's my plan.


So the day of the night out was a mad one. I had school first but I only had half a day because I had to go to the dentist. After the dentist , I went for a quick shopping trip due to the dentist only being up the road from town centre.

Then when I got home , I needed to get ready straight away if I was going to leave on time. The day before , I straightened my hair so it would be easy to style. I  have GHD's in red limited edition ( from previous Christmas) and I used the VO5 heat protector so my hair would not be damaged.

But I needed to curl my hair , I used my Babylis Pro Curl 210 to curl the ends of my hair. I only curled the ends of each layer so my hair would bounce down my shoulders. ( forgot to get a picture of curls)

Then I used my newly brought Bourjous happy light primer in order to make my make up stay on my face. Its a lovely product and is £11 but you only use a small amount. Next , I used my Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation , I applied using a real techniques foundation brush.

Before I used my rimmel London wake up concealer , I used my French connection eye palette to create a simple smokey eye. ( I have marked what colours I used) I used number 1 as a base and number 2 on the outer corner of my eye.

After to create more of a smokey effect , I outlined my whole eye used No7 stay precise eye liner. This has a very thin nib and is amazing to use close to the lashes.

To help the eye look fuller, I used my Bourjous Volume glamour max holidays mascara. This was my trail for the product as I had only just got it that day , I would totally recommend it as you can see it helps your lashes look amazing.

After adding under eye concealer and filling in my eyebrows, I added Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder all over and added the Little mix bronzer under my cheek bones. This bronzer is quite a mixture of light and dark tones and works with all make up looks. Then to end , I added a blush by Avon on my cheeks.

Now to finish the look , I used a No7 Precision Lip pencil to fill in my lips. I done this to help enhance my colour. Then I used my Rimmel London Kate lipstick to go over my lips.

You can see the lip colour, The lighting was really bad so the makeup look does not look as well as I hoped it would on camera. But hopefully you can see it clearly.

Now .... the outfit!

I have said about this before , my little black dress from new look. I thought I would wear this with thick black tights and a pair of black pumps. I wore mostly black apart from my jewellery.


I love my jewellery and how it can transform an outfit. I wore a gold theme , wearing mid rings and necklace.

Now no outfit can completed without a selfie! So here's mine :)

Hope this was okay for my first getting ready :)

Gee x

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