Monday, 2 December 2013

November Favourites


Well I thought that I would round off November with my monthly favourites which will include fashion , media and beauty. I have tried to find a range of items which I have purchased this month.

So that was a short introduction without me going on and on , so lets start with Beauty. I recently went shopping with both my Mum and Nan. Our first stop was Boots which lucky for me had a 3 for 2 sale. Picking Christmas presents, we only had two items and I was allowed to keep an item for myself. I have been searching for a eye palette which has many different warm winter colours and I found one in the form of the French connection eye palette. I had spotted this before and was waiting until I had found more options , however, I decided that I would take advanced and buy it. This was £12 and I found a great purchase. The brushes are not the best so I brought one out of another drug store. I tried out the palette when I got home and designed a smokey eye which worked well. The colours are easy to mix and blend. I would totally recommend this purchase for friends at Christmas or even for your self.

Next beauty favourite would the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick range. I love her range of lipsticks and already have a nude colour which I used to put on for school or if I want my make up to focus on another area then my lips. Recommending this to my mum , she went out and brought one for herself but in a pink/red colour in the shade 101. She did not like the colour on her and said that I should try it , so I did and I feel in love with it. Now I use this colour for school as they are quite strict on makeup rules. If your school is the same then I would totally have a look into the Kate Moss range. I don't know how much it cost but Rimmel London is good value for money.

Moving on to Media, now I love music and always have headphones or music around me. If you have not heard then I'm sorry but you must have been hiding under a rock because the new One Direction Album , Midnight Memories has arrived. It did get leaked but I stopped myself from listening to it ( don't judge ). Now I love Pop music but I do adore lots of different types. My favourites are probably You & I and Little Black Dress. This album is a big difference to their previous songs and I love the change. Even if you don't like them , have a listen you may change your mind.

From music to Fashion, my fashion favourites are favourites for different reasons. Firstly I have brought a coat for school mainly but I pretty much wear it every where. Its from select and is a Navy Parka toggle coat. I love Parka's at the moment and have wanted to get one all year but was waiting until winter to buy one. It was £30 and a great buy , it has a faux fur hood which is lined with a faux fur. It is so warm but the hood is too big for my head so when I'm walking I cant see a great deal. Some of my friends have also brought similar coats from the same store and have said the same thing. I would recommend the coat but test the hood first.

Last item on the list s a skater skirt, now I love a good skater skirt and the one from Matalan is lovely. It has white/cream love heart over it. I have had a look online and can not find the same skirt. The material is not stretchy and ends high thigh. I brought it for Boxing day as I plan on wearing a over sized fluffy jumper and maybe thick black tights. I usually change my outfit about 5 times before I finally decided what I'm actually wearing. It was a great buy and at only £14 , it was a missed have.

Sorry that you cant really see the design but I did not want too many pictures.

Well they were just some of my favourites from this month and leave a comment of yours too :)

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Gee x

Ps. I'm sorry that the font colour is all mixed up I don't know what's happened.

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