Monday, 16 December 2013

My Make-up Bag | Key Essentials #1


I thought with Christmas coming up that every make-up bag needs to have the essentials so that your favourite make-up look can be achieved.

I have said about these products before but not really reviewed them in much detail.

So to start this long Process , I am going to begin with probably my favourite makeup brand, Rimmel London and their Match Perfection foundation. This product is a great base for any makeup and there are lots of shades. I'm is in the shade of Ivory as my skin is medium. It has great coverage and blends into your skin so easy. I sometimes use a real techniques foundation brush , however , I usually use a make-up sponge to apply. You don't need a massive amount of the product. I would totally go and check the different shades of the foundation if you don't think that your personal foundation is not good enough.

Next , Its the Wake me up concealer (Rimmel London). I use this under my eyes all the time as its blends and works so well. It helps your eyes look brighter and more awake. You only need a small amount to blend around your eye. Its a great primer if you don't own one (blend over eye and use a loose powder and you have made a primer). It does have an applier but there's usually to much product to blend with , I personally use my finger or you can buy an concealer brush to blend.

For my favourite make-up brand this is the last product of theirs, its the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This is a life saver and will probably be my favourite product in my makeup bag. Its great to put over your foundation to give a lasting finish on your skin. I would recommend this every time.  My shade is Peach glow.

Next is a girls best friend when in need of a tan, its a W7 Bronzer Powder. I love the appearance of this product. It has different shades of browns and pinks in the shape of leopard print. Its amazing ! The colours bend together really well and I love to use this all over my face instead of just on my cheek bones. Mine is running out so it does not really show the design as well.

My eye brows are the bane of my life , they need to be cared for all the time. I have got this product by Technic called Complete Brow kit. It includes two different shades of brown and a skin colour for around the brow. Also, it has a clear gel which you put over. The product is great if your brows need care. I blend the shades to get the shade I want but you can do whatever. The brush it comes with is not the best but its great for shaping the brow. I believe that using an eye shadow type for the eyebrow is so much better and makes a more natural look.

Next, the Maybelline New York Colossal Volume Express Mascara. Its great for volume and really lengthens the lashes to give a flirty eye. The only problem is that it can smudge really easy but that's the only thing I have found wrong with it.

I have different blushes for different times of the year and occasions. I previously used my Avon Blush to add a light pink blush, but today I will review the Beauty UK Blush. This is quite a bright pink on the palette but on the skin is quite a warm pink. This is a great colour for winter. The range is quite cheap compared to others and has loads of different shades.

I have recently discovered at lipstick which is an amazing shade of berry. Its the Natural Collection Berry Blush. I Love how the shade is warm on the skin and is amazing on the lips. Its from their Moisture Shine range and works so well. I have been using it for school and is amazing for the cold winter.

That's my personal essentials for my makeup bag. Hope this helped it some ways :)

What's you Key essentials for your make up bag?

Gee x

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