Monday, 30 June 2014

June Favourites


Well I have not done a favourites in ages. So I thought that since I'm off school for the summer and don't have a job yet ( I will get one!!!) that I would write more blog posts and organise things. 

So let's start with some of my beauty favourites shall we? 

First is my sleek face palette which I used for my prom. It was around £9 I think which has a matte bronzer ( reason I brought it) , a blusher and a highlighter which was an added bonus. It's worth the money and I have seen the urban decay one before I brought it and even though I have not used it , I would say that the shades are pretty much the same. (Buy Here)

Next is the bourjois velvet lipstick which is in the shade 2. I love this it stayed on all night. It is like a stain and all I did was top it up to make it more bold. Love! Love! Love! (Buy Here)

So that's not many beauty favourites but here are some of my fashion favourites

Well it's weirdly my sunglasses. My old ones were broken so I went to Primark to get a new pair. I do have expensive glasses but I'm scared to wear them in case I break them so I just buy cheaper ones. I loved the Daisy's on them. I have been wearing them strangely in our British weather.


Next is a pair of shoes, jelly shoes for that matter. They were from boohoo for £10 and I have been wearing them with pretty much everything. They are so comfy and I love the colour. ( Buy Here)

That's pretty much my fashion favourites , I have not been shopping in ages but I'm going to go soon for college clothes. 

But I couple of my random favourites have been these ice creams from Cadbury. I love ice cream and these taste so good. Not only do the have chocolate on the outside but they have chocolate swirled in the ice cream.

Next I have been loving Paulo Nutini, he's voice is amazing and I really wanna see him live. Plus he's not bad looking either which is always a added bonus.


So that's my favourites for the past month. Let me know your favourites of June. 

Gee x

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