Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pre-Prom Prep | Mini Prom Series


My prom is in a couple of days and I know many peoples prom is coming up. But I personally want a natural make up look so for that I want clear fresh looking skin which will look better in photos.

I have been doing this little routine for about three weeks to a month. A couple of products I have only recently got but they have been working well and my spots are clearing up nicely. I was telling my friends about my little prom routine and they don't really under why I'm doing it but I have skin spots so they aren't as noticeable as say black heads but I know that they are there.

To help prevent any black heads that may think its appropriate to show , I use Garnier pure active anti-black head deep pore wash. I like this but the only thing is that I find it stings my eyes because they are really sore at the moment but apart from that it works really well.

After I have taken my make up off ( which I have not been wearing that much to help my skin) , I cleanse my skin with the Nivea refreshing cleansing lotion on a cotton pad. I love this because my skin feels so much more cleaner after and refreshed.

Then to sooth my skin and help with any dry skin , I use Simple kind to skin facial toner again on a cotton pad.

Then for a night mask , I use Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Night treatment Gel , all you do is put it on and overnight it helps prevents spots. I put this over my 24/7 dry skin moisturiser. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 on skin care so I would go and check that out because not only is their range amazing but its all affordable.

Also on the offer , I got a blemish stick for the days which putting on make up seems a task , its from the same Tea Tree Witch Hazel range. I love this , I have been looking for one as my usually Witch one run out and I have not found one since. Also , on the offer I got a face mask which I have yet to use.

For my wore eyes and dry skin , I have been using Sudocrem , most people use it for spots but I have found another which works better. This has really helped my eyes. What happened was that I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted and the lady caught my skin. Firstly it was a red mark now it has dried out the skin and has become sore. But I do love my new eyebrows.

The cream I use for spots is Germolene. This was actually recommended by a youtuber called Gabby (Veletgh0st) who I have been following her videos since she only had like 9000-10000 and now shes so close to 200,000. (Her Channel ; ). Back to the cream, I put it on before bed on any spots and in the morning they are pretty much gone or have reduce in size. I love this!

So that's all for the start of my mini series. My prom is actually this Saturday coming up but I will only have my make up. I'm going to use a picture from the day and list the make up I used and how I used it.

Hope that's this is okay

Gee x

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